Stadium Tribune

Stadium Tribune

It's not for nothing that sports fans are called "the twelfth team member": their support can motivate the team to maintain their lead or catch up from behind. It's a good thing for your club to be able to offer its supporters a nice place to sit during games. From amateur club to paid football organization: with SKOR stadium tribunes you'll be sitting pretty. On this page you"ll find the two different stadium tribunes that we sell, although a custom product is also possible. This way you can assemble a stadium tribune that meets your exact requirements.

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Fixed stadium tribunes

Just like the mobile stadium tribune, a fixed stadium tribune is made from aluminum. In this model the side and back of the stadium tribune is open, but the stadium tribune box is closed. This makes for a safe structure. The actual seats consist of two meranti boards. The top row has a backrest, which also consists of two meranti boards. The side of the top row also has a balustrade fence, preventing falls from the stadium tribune, and also functioning as a handrail for when leaving the stadium tribune The number of rows and the width of the stadium tribune is configurable. We assume that one stadium tribune offers sufficient room for two people.

Mobile stadium tribune

The mobile stadium is a variation of the fixed stadium tribune. A big advantage of this model is the possibility to move the stadium tribune, thereby being able to use it in the various fields in your complex, depending on where the most supporters are expected. The model is pivotable on wheels and has an open character. The seating is the same as that of the fixed stadium tribune. The walkways are outfitted with anti-slip shuttering ply, so that the stadium tribune can be safely walked on during bad weather conditions. The mobile stadium tribune comes in a width of 3 meters and has 3 seating rows, but you can contact us for custom options.

SKOR custom products

In addition to the two stadium tribunes on this page, we also offer custom products. Because our stadium tribunes are manufactured by our own people in our Almelo factory, we can custom build a stadium tribunes according to your specifications. Some custom options could include a choice in movability (fixed or mobile), type of tribune box (open or closed), number of seating rows, width and types of seats (benches or stadium seats). With all these options, your club will soon have a unique tribune.

Modular stadium tribunes

This is a tribune suitable for sports clubs and associations but also can also be used for other purposes. The newly developed tribune features an open design, constructed entirely of aluminum frames. The tribune was a one-meter wide walkway made of aluminum chequer plates. The dimensions of the tribune and the number of rows is entirely up to you as the customer. We can design a suitably sized tribune for every space that fits the setting. The back of the tribune has a structure where you can create a top spot to advertise your sponsor.

Solution for every club

Lots of clubs don't have proper and exclusive tribunes at their disposal. They have a need for these, but the clubs don't have enough room and/or the financial means to invest in a tribune. SKOR has the solution: a modular tribune with room for excellent sponsor advertising in a top spot. The back of the tribune has a structure where you can hang a sponsor canvas. Every sponsor/company affiliated with your club somehow will want to be advertised there. In the case of Leonidas Rotterdam (90-meter tribune), the tribune was entirely free. The sponsor revenue fully covered the prohect, which is an excellent result. This is not only the case for Leonidas; it's also a realistic solution for any other club or association. This way a professional tribune will stay within reach for every club.

Other tribunes

SKOR doesn't only manufacture tribunes for sports venues; in fact, we have a suitable tribune solution for every situation and need. The Amphitheater in Denekamp is a good example of this. This open-air theater features a chequer plate tribune with meranti wood seats. The tribune has room for some 120 spectators.

Want to buy stadium tribunes?

Hopefully you'll find the stadium tribune you're looking for on this page. In addition to tribunes, you'll also find lots of other sporting goods on this site, from team shelters to teamwear! Do you have questions about the products we sell or want to know more about your customization options? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to We will be glad to help you!

Veelgestelde vragen
Below we have collected a number of frequently asked questions for you.
Waar worden de tribunes gemaakt?

Onze tribunes worden allemaal geproduceerd in onze eigen fabriek in Almelo, net als de doelen en dug-outs! Hierdoor kunnen wij de hoogste kwaliteit bieden. Benieuwd naar het productieproces? Je bent altijd welkom voor een rondleiding!

Wat is het verschil tussen een dichte en een open tribune?

De vaste tribune heeft een dicht karakter en de mobiele tribune een open karaker. Hiermee wordt bedoeld dat de ruimte tussen de looppaden bij de vaste tribune volledig afgesloten is en dat dit bij de mobiele tribune niet zo is.

Van welk materiaal is de tribune gemaakt?

Onze tribunes worden gemaakt van aluminum. De zitgelegenheid bestaat bij de tribunes uit meranti banken, waarbij de achterste zitrij is voorzien van een rugleuning.

Welke afmetingen heeft de tribune?

De vaste tribune is geheel op maat te maken! Je kunt dan ook zelf kiezen welke breedte en hoeveel zitrijen de tribune moet hebben. De mobiele tribune heeft in principe een breedte van 3 meter en 3 zitrijen, maar in overleg is veel mogelijk! Neem hiervoor gerust contact met ons op.

Hoeveel mensen kunnen op de tribune plaatsnemen?

Op onze site vind je twee tribunes: een vaste variant en een mobiele variant. Wij hanteren als uitgangspunt dat een meter breedte zitplaats biedt aan twee personen. De mobiele variant heeft een breedte van 3 meter en bestaat uit drie zitrijen. Op deze tribune kunnen dus in principe 18 personen zitten. De vaste variant is geheel op maat te maken, waardoor je het aantal mensen dat op de tribune kan plaatsnemen kunt afstemmen op jouw wensen!

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