Football First-aid Supplies

Football First-aid Supplies

Injuries are unavoidable when playing football. It's therefore all the more important to have the right football first-aid supplies at the ready to treat or prevent injury. A sturdy water bag, a water bottle carrier with enough water bottles, sports tape; at SKOR you will find high-quality football first-aid supplies that offer immediate relief. Check out the rest of this page for the various products we offer.

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Our various first-aid supplies

On this page you will find football first-aid supplies for both the team and for individuals: the water bottle carrier and the water bag as first-aid supplies for the team and single water bottles and sports tape as football first-aid supplies for the individual. The water bottle carrier has room for 10 water bottles and has a handle in three locations: on both sides and in the middle of the carrier. This makes the carrier easily portable. On this page you can order the water bottle carrier alone or including 10 water bottles. The water bottles can also be ordered individually in sets of 10. The water bottles have a contents of 750 ml (25.4 fl oz) and feature a sturdy screw top with flexible mouthpiece. The water bottle is shaped so that it sits firmly in the hand, even when wearing gloves.

Another product form our football first-aid supplies assortment is the SKOR water bag. The water bag has a spacious inner bag and has room for two water bottles in its side pockets. There is also plenty of room for first-aid supplies on the front of the water bag. Even though no one likes to fill up the water bag prior to the game, its presence during the game is greatly appreciated. Finally, we even have sports tape. Our tape is 3.8 cm wide and available in white. One roll contains 10 meters of tape. The sports tape is easy to tear and excellently suited for taping your fingers, wrist, ankles and knees, among other things.

Why order football first-aid supplies at SKOR?

The unique thing about SKOR is that you can always purchase all your football needs in one place. You will find products for both the club and the players. Products for the club can include team shelters, goals and goal nets, and products for players can include teamwear, goalkeeper gloves and footballs. You can also come to us for training and game equipment, such as agility ladders, vests and corner flags. We work together with lots of ambassadors who are themselves players or coaches. Thanks to this we know exactly what is needed on the field, and our products are designed down to the last detail. Our football products were developed by and for football lovers.

Want to buy football first-aid supplies?

Hopefully you will find all the first-aid supplies you need on this page. Do you have questions about our various first-aid supplies or the many other football products we sell? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to We will be glad to help you!

Veelgestelde vragen
Below we have collected a number of frequently asked questions for you.
Waarvoor gebruik je sporttape?

Sporttape kun je gebruiken wanneer je geblesseerd bent aan bijvoorbeeld je vingers, enkels of knieën. De tape is erg geschikt ter ondersteuning van de gewrichten en daarnaast makkelijk te scheuren. De tape wordt erg veel gebruikt ter ondersteuning van de vingers, bijvoorbeeld door keepers of in het korfbal, basketbal of handbal.

Profiteer ik van korting als ik meerdere verzorgingsmaterialen aanschaf?

Je kunt de bidon en sporttape zowel los als in grotere aantallen bestellen. Dit laatste is erg handig wanneer je er in teamverband gebruik van wilt maken. Bovendien profiteer je in dat geval van staffelkorting. De losse bidon kost 1,95 euro. Wanneer je een set van 10 bidons bestelt, betaal je 17,95 euro voor de set. De sporttape kost per rol van 10 meter 4,49 euro. Wanneer je de set van 32 stuks bestelt, kost de sporttape omgerekend per rol slechts 2,81 euro.

Bieden jullie ook andere trainings- en wedstrijdgerelateerde producten aan?

Op onze site vind je niet alleen verzorgingsmaterialen, maar bijvoorbeeld ook trainingsmaterialen en wedstrijdmaterialen. Op voetbal gebied kun je voor al je voetbalbenodigdheden slagen, van materialen langs de lijnen tot materialen binnen de lijnen!

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