Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is played both at the competitive level and for recreation. Beach volleyball courts can often be found in sports centers, at campgrounds and in recreation areas. There is tons of great imagery of volleyball players diving towards the ground trying their utmost to keep the ball from hitting said ground. The sand provides a soft landing and makes beach volleyball excellently suited for such saves. On this page you will find all the equipment you need for your beach volleyball setup to make your beach volleyball practice or game a success.

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About the sport

Beach volleyball is played by about 40,000 people throughout the country. The world championships were even held in the Netherlands in 2015. The games were played at four spectacular locations, including Dam and the Hofvijver. The sport is played by both players who switch from indoors to the field in the summer as well as athletes who are specialists on the sand. There's a good reason why there are separate Dutch teams as well as the Netherlands DELA Eredivisie: a tour through the Netherlands with the very best players. The sport is also played recreationally by lots of people, for example at nature reserves or campgrounds.

SKOR beach volleyball products

SKOR beach volleyball posts are available with various net tension systems. There is a beach volleyball post with an integrated net tension slider system, for example. This way you will always play with the correct net tension. What's more, you will have more enjoyment of the game, and the beach volleyball posts will never again be overloaded.

A multifunctional version of the beach volleyball post is also available. Due to various eyes that have been welded onto the post, the net can be used for various sports, including beach tennis.

In addition to beach volleyball posts, SKOR also has beach volleyball nets, ground sockets and other peripherals. With a combination of this equipment you will be assured of a professional beach volleyball court. In addition to beach volleyball equipment, we also sell lots of other sporting goods, such as our teamwear collection.

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Hopefully you will find the beach volleyball products you need for on the sand on this page. Do you have questions about our beach volleyball products or other sporting equipment we sell? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to We will be glad to help you!

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