Bristle Brush Mats

You've just played a good game, but when you come home you have to get out the vacuum immediately, because when you unpack your bag you see that you've taken half of the artificial grass pellets with you. SKOR bristle brush mats allow you to tidily clean your shoes after a practice or game, so all you have to do is remove them form your sports bag when you get home. A bristle brush mat is also perfect for placement in locker rooms or canteens and makes sure these locations stay free from dirt.

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Bristle brush mat properties

Our bristle brush mats look a lot like runners and are rectangular in shape. With bristle brush mats, the profile consists of recycled plastic into which the nylon brushes have been incorporated. The profile is black. A T-profile has been added to the underside of the bristle brush mat. Compared to runners, bristle brush mats have a slightly wider profile and are also extra sturdy in use due to the use of a steel T-profile. Additionally, a bristle brush mat is (approx. 110 mm) higher than a runner (approx. 22 mm).

Various types of bristle brush mats

We sell all sorts of different sizes of bristle brush mats on our website. The profile of the bristle brush mats is black. The nylon bristles are available in various colors. The dimensions listed for the bristle brush mats on our website stand for the door width x walking length. Are you looking for a different way to keep your shoes and sports center clean? Then our runners or pressed gratings can be a good option. You'll find these on our website too!

Want to order a bristle brush mat?

Do you have questions about the various bristle brush mats we offer? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to We will be glad to help you!

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