Team Shelters

Team Shelters

SKOR team shelters are manufactured in our own factory in Almelo. They fulfill the highest of quality standards and are being used by premier league clubs such as: Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, as well as Heracles, AZ, FC Twente and Willem II. SKOR team shelters are also being used by lots of amateur clubs. Not only football clubs, but hockey clubs and basketball clubs as well.

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SKOR is the largest manufacturer and developer of team shelters in the Netherlands. We have been supplying and assembling exclusive team shelters to all sports clubs at home and abroad for some years now. We offer a wide range of durable and exclusive team shelters with a contemporary design. We have a suitable team shelters for every target group / budget that you can put together according to your own wishes. You can choose from all dimensions, type of seating, color of the team shelters, sponsor signs and more.

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The first choice you make is the shape. Do you opt for an angled team shelter, a curved team shelter or a straight team shelter? The side of the team shelter determines the shape. Then you choose the size. In general, 1 meter width of the team shelter can accommodate 2 people. A team shelter of 4 meters is therefore suitable for 8 people. If you know this, you determine whether the team shelter should be provided with a color or whether the team shelter simply remains in aluminum color. Usually the color of the fence and the club colors are included in this assessment. You can then choose whether your team shelter should be provided with extra strong polycarbonate ("glass"). This is important if the sports park is public, you can reduce the risk of the team shelters breaking down. Finally, you choose which seating area you want in the team shelter. Do you opt for wooden benches, bucket seats or racing seats. Everything is possible. Let our specialists inform you, we are happy to help you!

Types of Team Shelters

  • Team shelter type 1: This team shelter has a round shape and is widely used by football clubs. The round crossing ensures that you are dry during a rain shower. The width of the team shelter can be adjusted as desired. Headroom: 2 meters and depth: 1.5 meters.
  • Team shelter type 2: This team shelter is mostly straight with a small bevel on the top. This team shelter is often used by hockey clubs, because the straight side offers a good connection to the fence. The hockey balls stay neatly within the playing field. Headroom: 2 meters and depth: 1.5 meters.
  • Team shelter type 2.2: This team shelter is also straight, but is 2.20 meters high. In addition, the team shelter is less deep and therefore easy to use along sports fields with a limited extension. Standing height: 2.20 meters and depth: 1 meter.
  • Team shelter basic: This team shelter is affordable to purchase. The materials used are less robust, but the quality is still good! The team shelter has a straight shape and is shallow. It can therefore be used along sports fields with a limited range and ensures a seamless connection to the fence, so that the ball remains within the playing field. The Basic team shelter is equipped with spruce benches as standard.

Price of a team shelter

There are many team shelters offered on the internet and it is difficult for a layman to buy the "right" team shelter. Also, the prices of team shelters sometimes seem to be far apart. Keep your eyes peeled and see what you buy. The images give you the impression that you are comparing the same team shelters, but appearances can be deceiving! Look at the thicknesses of the materials used, such as aluminum and polycarbonate. What kind of wood is mounted in the team shelters? Is the team shelter completely welded or can it be disassembled?

Custom-made team shelter

In addition to the defined team shelters, you can also buy custom team shelters at SKOR. All team shelters are produced in our own factory in the Netherlands and therefore we can process all your wishes into a product. Are you looking for a team shelter with wheels so that it can be moved? Or are you going to place the team shelter on an elevation, but does the seating have to be at a different height? Everything is possible! Custom team shelters are a bit more expensive and the delivery time can be longer than the standard dug outs.

How is my team shelter made? Guided tour at SKOR

Have you always wanted to see how a team shelters are made? Or have you ordered team shelters from SKOR and do you want to see how your team shelter is made? You are most welcome for a tour of our factory in Almelo. We can therefore show you, on the basis of practical examples, what the possibilities are for putting together a team shelter.

Questions about team shelters

Do you have any questions regarding the purchase of a new team shelter, or do you want to buy a team shelter? We are happy to help you! SKOR can be reached by telephone on +31 88 008 11 00 or email your question We will help you quickly. Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date with all our product development language.

Veelgestelde vragen
Below we have collected a number of frequently asked questions for you.
Van welk materiaal is de dugout gemaakt?

Onze dugouts worden geproduceerd in onze eigen fabriek in Almelo en worden vervaardigd uit aluminium. Hierbij heb je de keuze tussen ongecoate (brute) en gecoate dugouts. Bij een gecoate dugout wordt er een kleur (mogelijk in alle RAL-kleuren) aangebracht op het aluminium. Dit heeft vooral een estetisch karakter, omdat aluminium niet roest. 

Uit welke zitgelegenheden kan ik kiezen bij de aanschaf van een dugout?

Bij de zitgelegenheden kan onderscheid worden gemaakt tussen banken enerzijds en stoelen anderzijds. De banken zitgelegenheid is leverbaar in drie materialen: vuren planken, meranti planken en kunstgras planken. De stoelen zijn leverbaar in twee modellen: kuipstoelen en racestoelen. Benieuwd geworden? Lees dan ook eens onze blog over de verschillende dugouts die we aanbieden!


Waar worden de dugouts gemaakt?

Ben je op zoek naar een kwalitatief hoogwaardige dugout? Dan zit je bij ons goed! Al onze dugouts worden namelijk door onszelf geproduceerd in onze fabriek in Almelo. Hier werken we iedere dag met de beste mensen en materialen aan de nieuwste producten. Niet voor niets maken Eredivisieclubs als Ajax, Feyenoord en PSV gebruik van onze dugouts.

Bieden jullie ook dugout montage aan?

Zeker, onze monteurs plaatsen de dugout graag voor je op de door jou gewenste locatie! Wanneer je benieuwd bent naar de mogelijkheden kun je het beste even contact met ons opnemen. Bel ons op +31 88 008 1100 of mail naar, we helpen je graag verder!

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