Foul Posts

The foul posts are used as an orientation point to determine whether the ball was hit into the good area or foul area. The Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Federation (KNBSB) stipulates that there must be foul posts at the end of the foul lines along first and third base.

If you're looking for different-sized foul posts for your baseball or softball field, no problem: We can custom-make any desired size in our factory. You can also opt for foul posts with LED lights. Please contact us.

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Types of foul posts for baseball and softball

The KNBSB specified in the 2019 Vademecum Accommodations for Baseball & Softball the criteria the foul posts must meet on the baseball and softball field:

  • At the end of both foul lines there must be a foul post with a diameter of at least 10 cm. SKOR foul posts have a diameter of exactly 10 cm. The
  • height of the foul post must be at least 5 meters, with the post having to stick out at least 1 meter above the outfield fence.
  • The foul post can have two colors: yellow or yellow-black. If you opt for a yellow-black foul post, a block height of 0.50 meters must be taken into account, and you must start with the color yellow.
  • No white-colored advertising may be placed near the foul post. For international games, a height of 13.5 meters applies, and the foul post must be yellow.
  • If playing under field lighting, the foul post must be properly illuminated or must itself have lighting.


Why order SKOR foul posts?

All of our foul posts are manufactured in our own factory in Almelo. This enables us to guarantee high-quality products for a down-right low price. What's more, we have short delivery times so that your club can get new foul posts fast! Simply order the foul posts online on this page. And you will also be assured that you are making an environmentally friendly choice: At the end of the product lifespan you can return the foul posts to us against the residual value, if you like. We will then use the materials for other products at our factory. This way we come full circle!

Want to buy foul posts?

Hopefully you will find all the foul posts you need on this page. Do you have questions about our various foul posts or the other baseball and softball products we sell? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to We will be glad to help you!

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