Shin Guards

Shin Guards

Your football outfit isn't complete without a set of good shin guards. Do you like flexible slip-ins or do you prefer the classic version with socks? Whatever your preference, at SKOR you will find a solid collection of shin guards. Both with and without ankle protection. All our models were designed by and in collaboration with football players. The result? High-quality protection with a cool design.

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Our collection

Shin guards for adults and children: we've though of all types of football players when designing our collection. Do you prefer ankle protection? Then choose the traditional Gattuso. This model has a hard shell and features a connected sock for optimal ankle protection. Or do you prefer to play with a model without ankle protection? Then choose either the PEPE with flexible shell or the TERRY with hard shell. Keep your shin guards from slipping with our sleeves. They will keep your shin guards where they are supposed to be. 

Why choose SKOR shin guards?

Our collection was designed by and with football players. Thanks to this we know exactly what football players like you find comfortable or annoying when wearing shin guards. All of our products were developed with an eye to detail. Every material was selected based on playing experience and knowledge. There are no shipping costs for orders of €50.00 and above, so go ahead and keep checking out our assortment. 

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Did you make your selection? You can easily oder your shin guards online at SKOR. Would you like more information about our shin guards or about something else from our football product line? Call us at +31 88 008 1100 or send an email to Our product specialists will help you make the best choice. Are you already following us on social media? This is where we keep you up to date on our product development! Or subscribe to our newsletter. This way you won't miss a single promotional offer.

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